High Quality Product? Your Prospect No Longer Cares…

When a prospect asks you what differentiates your product or service from the competition, how many time have you said ‘Our quality’?

How do you think your competition are answering the same question?

Most probably with the same answer.

To be honest, if your products weren’t of high quality, you would probably have been found out long ago.

It’s one of those elements that customers take for granted when they buy from you.

Unless your company is judged as ‘junk’ by Standard and Poor’s you doubtless have a product or service of a certain level of quality.

But are your prospects really interested in that?

Or is there something else that you can offer that will be of more specific interest to them?

What, in effect, does high quality mean to prospects?

What do prospects get from you when you offer ‘quality’?

Here are some pointers:

  • They get more repeat business from their customers
  • They reduce their wastage of poor products returned to them for refunds
  • They are able to price their products at a level higher than their competitors
  • They have confidence that you’ll help them meet their deadlines
  • There will be less time dealing with customer complaints
  • There will be quicker purchase-to-sale opportunities for them
  • There’s more confidence they will hit their deadlines
  • There’s more assurances for their customers that the products will work correctly
  • There are greater chances of loyalty from their customers

So, when you wish to talk about the quality of your products, think about what that means to the prospect.

If you can add one or two of the above-mentioned items to your rationale, you give yourself more kudos to discuss with them.

It would sound something like this:

“Tom, you mentioned earlier how important it was to reduce the number of customer complaints with your current products. Our ISO-approved widgets reduce the failure rate to zero in tests over a three-year period, so their quality should give you confidence the complaints will be drastically reduced”

“Molly, you sais one of your purchase criteria was to get from us making the widgets so that the time from placing the order to you making the sale was cut in half. Our quality means that we are able to reduce by half the time it is currently taking you. It also gives you the confidence that people will buy more from you after they have seen the value and quality of the widgets”

What this means is that the prospect now has reasons other than a generic ‘high-quality’ rationale for them to decide on your solution.

People don’t buy ‘quality’; that’s a ‘given’, something that just gets you onto the playing field.

When you add rationale like time-saving or risk-reducing or money-saving, it means much more to the prospect than just the fact that you have quality products.

Resist the temptation to assume that quality will make the prospect buy.

From now on, include the results your quality solution will provide for them and their business.