Sales Training With Impact

Our open and in-house sales training courses will enable your sales
team to become more successful, confident and motivated.

Sales Training Specialists

The Sales Training Consultancy specialise in open and in-house training programmes for salespeople, sales managers and business professionals in B2B, B2C and Retail sectors.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced sales trainers and consultants have worked with thousands of companies, across the UK and internationally, to improve the performance of their sales teams. Our trainers are consistently rated 9/10 for their design and delivery of our open and in-house training courses, and our entire team works tirelessly to improve upon their knowledge, presentation skills and innovative methods of delivery to ensure that all our clients receive real value from our training.

Our sales training solutions are designed to be the most comprehensive, effective and tailored solutions available on the market – which is why our sales training team works constantly on incorporating industry trends and technological developments into our delivery methods to help your salespeople become the most effective, confident and efficient sales professionals they can be.

For further information on our open sales training courses or to enquire about our bespoke in-house training programmes, call The Sales Training Consultancy now on 0800 035 9191 or email us at







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