3 Questions You Need To Ask Your Prospect Before The Close

Closing is often seen as the most difficult part of the sales process for some salespeople.

They fear that asking the question ‘Do you want it?’ will bring a refusal and they won’t know how to build credibility up gain.

Is there a way that you can check agreement with the prospect before trying to secure commitment to the next stage of the sale?

If you don’t, there is always the risk that the buyer still has some questions, or maybe even objections that haven’t been fully covered yet.

Try one of these three questions to ‘test the water’ and see if you can progress:

So How Do You Feel About This?

This question will allow you both to ascertain where you are in the decision-making process and create clarity as to the real feelings of the prospect before you try to gain commitment.

Their answer will help you check whether you have to deal with further issues or whether you can work towards proposing a solution for their situation.

Notice the question asks about how they ‘feel’.

Many salespeople ask what the buyer ‘thinks’ at this point.

How they think and how they feel may be different.

Their ‘thoughts’ are usually expressed in logical formats, regarding price or delivery or suchlike.

Their ‘feelings’ may express a more emotional response, ascertaining whether they desire to go ahead, or have aspirations for better results.

Using ‘feel’ here may well uncover deeper desires or fears in the buyer’s mind.

How Would That Work For You?

This is a good question that confirms what your prospect feels you have both achieved so far.

If their answer shows a willingness to consider moving forward with your solution, you can advance to the next stage.

If there are still concerns in their mind, they should come out at this point.

Can You See How This Would Solve That Problem?

This question forwards the sale towards a typical conclusion, as the prospect will either be in agreement with how your solution would deal with their problem, or give you more information on where they consider themselves to be in the sales process.

These three questions can be considered as ‘pre-framing’ the securing commitment stage of the sale as you both are convinced that your solution will be the right one for their business both now and in the future.

They also stop you from diving in with a ‘close’ before the buyer is ready.