4 Steps To Get You Through A Sales Slump

Focus on laptop monitor showing decline graph loss sales and profit out focus headache man in suit look unhappy. Fail business concept.

Do you sometimes find yourself concerned about the level of sales you are accomplishing?

Even the greatest salespeople sometimes find their figures not up to the standard they are used to, and much of this could be self-inflicted (lack of positivity, procrastination, poor attitude, etc) and can also be externally-driven (seasonality, problems with the economy, Brexit pressures, or when a competitor launches a new product or service that captures the imagination of the market).

Success sometimes can be a curse, because it can hinder your progress as you develop complacency or an attitude of smugness to the extent you don’t keep your pipeline full or you drop off from your high prospecting level that originally brought in that success.

So, say you do find yourself in a slump, how can you climb your way out of it?

Here are four steps to follow:

1) Contact your existing clients and customers who you have the best relationship with.

These are easy calls as they are people who know you and have experienced your services. They just haven’t been in touch recently.

Don’t just approach them and ask them for more sales! Bring something of value to the table so they can see the advantages of discussing future business with you.

Are they being successful with the services they bought from you? Are there areas of concern they still have that your company could help them with? Have you introduced new services since you last spoke?

Don’t try and overtly sell to them, but offer them valuable assets that would make them think about you once more.

2) Take a long hard look at every stage of the sales process and ask yourself “Can I do this better?”

Another great question is “What could I change right now that would help me to better serve my prospects?”

Even slight improvements of every aspect of your sales process can bring positive results as you start to focus on what works rather than what doesn’t. Could you be more efficient in your prospecting calls? Are there areas of development that you hadn’t updated recently?

By creating an improvement process in the way you carry out various parts of your projects, you start to see areas where little tweaks might bring better results without having to revolutionise your whole sales technique.

3) Take personal and professional development seriously

Steven Covey calls it “Sharpening Your Saw”. It’s looking at which areas of your skillsets could be improved so you can bring more value to the marketplace.

What are you currently doing to improve your skills?

  • Are you downloading podcasts to listen to on car journeys or train commutes?
  • Have you sought out the latest sales bestseller and got it on your bedside cabinet?
  • Have you considered extra sales training?
  • Are you keeping up to date with the latest developments in your prospect’s?
  • Are you keeping up to date with the latest developments in your prospect’s industries, so you can build your value with them as time goes by?
  • Is your LinkedIn profile up-to-date, with articles and advice you can share with clients and prospects alike?

Each of these tips will help you develop a positive forward-focused outlook with your clients.

4) Look at and assess your current attitude

Make sure that your friends, your family and fellow salespeople are positive because behaviours are contagious. At the end of the day it’s taking action that counts.

The best way to get out of a slump is to change what you are currently doing and your outlook towards the slump. That means making more calls, setting up more appointments, learning new information and sharpening your skills.

Action should be your greatest ally when going through a slump. Don’t allow yourself to get into a rut of your own making. Work on things you can influence and control, rather than dwelling on areas that you can’t affect.

Each of these tips on their own may not provide the drive you require to get out of a slump. But combined, they create the momentum that will assist you in taking back control of what you accomplish and achieve.

Happy selling!