5 Things To Mention To A New Prospect

It’s great when you visit a new prospect who is interested in hearing about your services.

You’re nervous, maybe anxious to make a good impression, along with being slightly excited to meet a potential new customer.

How should you conduct yourself?Should you try to impress them with your product knowledge? Should you share case studies and testimonials?

Well, although every meeting with a new prospect will be different, there are some guidelines you can follow that will assist you in developing the relationship early on.

Take a look and see how you can apply some of these.

Not ‘this is who I am’, but ‘this is what I’ve done for other clients’

They probably know quite a lot about you and your products, or they wouldn’t have agreed to see you.

Concentrate not on what you do or who you are; instead, cover off how other clients have benefited from what you do

Not ‘this is what we do’ but ‘the results we’ve achieved are…’

The results you’ve achieved are much more important than the products you sell.

Your clients are only interested in future successes, so stick to those.

Not ‘what do you do?’ but ‘why do you do it?’

You naturally need to find out something about their business.

Concentrate on why they do what they do, rather than just a list of facts and figures.

Not ‘this is what we sell’ but ‘let’s co-create ideas and answers together’

A list of products can easily turn someone off.

Instead, work out how you can co-create ideas and solutions with the prospect’s help.

Ask them what future results they are seeking.

Get them to explain what help they need to achieve those successes.

Work with them on collaborating to determine and achieve those results.

Not ‘do you want it?’ but ‘these are the results of us working together’

Your securing-commitment stage should uncover what results you will both achieve by working together on different projects.

It should make it easy for the prospect to agree to the next stage of working with you, whether it’s agreeing to another meeting with another stakeholder, working to create a proposal for the next stage of a project, or signing an order there and then.

These five ideas will help you drive the relationship forward with this new prospect, as you discuss the results you will achieve by working together as opposed to just concentrating on the products and services you sell.

Happy Selling!