Ask These 3 Quality Questions When Meeting With Your Prospect For The First Time

So, you’ve made a connection with a possible new prospect and you’re now ready for that first meeting.

Whether or not they have contacted you or they are a result of your prospecting work, how you approach this meeting can make or break the long-term relationship.

Many salespeople have been told to build rapport with a prospect first, and you’d be right to do so.

No-one would progress in a sale if they weren’t likeable.

But there are some things you can do that will build a quick relationship with the prospect, and here are three questions you can try that will help you do just that.

 1) ‘Mr. Prospect, when you decide to buy (your product or services), what are the three most important things

you consider?’

This question shows you what is top of their list when they consider a purchase decision. Is it value? Delivery?

Back-up services? Warranties? The quality question will uncover the criteria they use to choose.

With that information, you can start to formulate your possible presentation for later on.

 2) Mr.  Prospect, how will you judge you have made the best decision for you or your business?’

Again, this shows what is top-of-mind for your prospect.

They may come up with ideas like ‘we will see a very quick return on our investment’ or ‘We’ll stop getting complaints about poor quality from our customers!’

What they say will help you generate a few ideas to discuss later in the conversation.

 3) ‘Mr. Prospect, what would you be looking for in a business partner that would make you loyal to that company?’

This quality question builds rapport right from the outset, as it brings to the surface those things that the prospect values highly in the business relationship.

Things like honesty and integrity, consistency and reliability, value and worthiness, will all tell you what it takes to create loyalty with this prospect in the future.

These three quality questions will help you dig deep into the buying psyche of the prospect and get answers that will help you build a compelling presentation of the solutions you could offer to their business.