Training Courses

Choose from our range of open or in-house sales training courses.

A wide range of sales training courses is available to suit everyone who sells, irrespective of their levels of skill and experience. At the Sales Training Consultancy, we can help you find the right training course for you, or your business. Whether you are looking for an open course, or in-house sales training all you need do is to click on your preferred option below for more information:

In-House Courses

In-house courses are designed to motivate and boost the results of sales teams and are tailor made to meet your specific requirements. In-house sales courses are run for teams of salespeople either on their premises, or at a suitable training venue of the company’s choice. The Sales Training Consultancy specialises in running in-house courses covering a wide range of sales related topics.

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Open Courses

Open, or Public Courses are for individuals or small groups of less than 4 salespeople. While we specialise in in-house training we have also offer open sales courses that may suit small sales teams, or individual salespeople looking for personal development opportunities. There is a wide range of options available and we can organise everything for you from advising on which sales course is most appropriate to helping you with the booking.

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