The Sales Training Library


The Sales Training Library is a set of 6 training manuals that can be purchased as a complete set, or individual manuals, all have been written for salespeople by The Sales Training Consultancy – leading experts in sales and sales training. What they contain is good sensible advice on all aspects of selling. They are taken from our highly successful training programmes and contain information, exercises, and checklists to help you sell more successfully. Each can be read, and used as a book, a self-learning tool, or a reference guide. They can be used to produce training sessions for meetings as all the pages can be photocopied for internal use. They provide a comprehensive guide to selling and personal effectiveness. Each manual can be purchased separately, or you can buy the set of 6 manuals at a specially discounted price. Topics covered are:

  • Selling skills
  • Booking appointments by telephone
  • Negotiation skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management
  • Customer care

Here is a brief description of each manual:

Selling Skills

This covers the key selling skills from sales planning to closing the sale. It follows the sales process looking at planning to hit targets, pre-call preparation, getting control of the meeting, setting a clear agenda for the meeting, questioning techniques, listening skills, presentation skills, buyer behaviour, objection handling and closing.

Booking Appointments By Telephone

This is for all salespeople who have to book their own appointments. It looks at how to get the best from the telephone, how to plan an appointment booking strategy, a 3 stage process for booking appointments, writing mailshots, telephone scripts that work, overcoming the most common objections and gaining commitment to the appointment.

Negotiation Skills

Taken from our best selling negotiating skills programme, this volume takes you through the process of negotiation. Topics include: What negotiation is and why it is important, styles of negotiation, planning to negotiate, structuring the negotiation, questioning skills, negotiating techniques and tactics, negotiation case study, movement and concessions, the closing stages and 40 common mistakes made by sales negotiators.

Presentation Skills

Many people feel intimidated when asked to make a presentation to a group. This volume takes you through the key techniques used by successful presenters. Areas covered include how people take in information, preparing to present, structuring the presentation, the use of visual aids, dealing with difficult people and how to present yourself.

Time Management

Managing our time effectively is a key skill for everyone in sales. With less than 10% of our time typically being spent in face to face selling situations it is vital to be well organised. Topics include: Identifying time management problems, Time Logs, the biggest source of your time management problems, setting priorities, dealing with interruptions, getting organised, dealing with paperwork, using lists effectively, 15 time management ideas.

Customer Care

Customers are our lifeblood and we need a clear strategy for dealing with them. This volume contains: What customer care means and why it is important to you, identifying our customers, internal and external customers, setting standards of performance, dealing with customers, identifying opportunities to provide customer care, asking questions, listening and understanding customer needs, dealing with difficult people, developing assertive behaviour, managing customer care and putting customer care into practice.