Inbound Telephone Skills Training

Course Aim

This is an excellent course which has been designed to help salespeople, who sell by phone and who receive telephone calls from customers, to deliver the highest standards of world-class service, whilst maximising all potential sales opportunities.

The programme is particularly suitable for people who sell in a Call Centre environment and need more structure and confidence when dealing with customers over the telephone.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course the delegates will be able to:

  • Define their sales role and understand the basics of giving excellent customer service
  • Explain the importance of effective communication via the telephone
  • Introduce and use a sales framework
  • Construct questions in a sales context and listen effectively to what the customer is saying
  • Explain products and services in a meaningful manner
  • Understand how to gain customers commitment and close the sale
  • Set standards of performance to deliver excellent customer service

Course Content Includes:

  • What we mean by excellent Customer Service
  • What customers want and what most companies fail to deliver
  • How people buy and what they expect from us
  • Introducing yourself in a professional way
  • How to get control of the call
  • Communication skills; asking questions and listening
  • Developing rapport with customers
  • Different stages of a sales call
  • Introducing ourselves and our organisation
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Presenting the solution
  • Closing the sale
  • Handling challenging calls

How The Course Works

Delegates are given a clear understanding of the nature of telephone selling and the need for the customer to feel relaxed and not pressurised.

Telephone monitoring equipment is used to give delegates the opportunity to practise their skills in a positive environment.

During the course, delegates produce a number of scripts using a structured approach with words and phrases that sound natural and involve the customer.

At the end of the course, delegates prepare a personal action plan, for use back at work.

Next Steps

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