Time & Self Management Training

Course Aim

To enable delegates to manage themselves more effectively within their own time constraints and to organise and prioritise their tasks in a professional manner.

The programme is particularly suitable for salespeople and their managers and ensures that more time is spent in front of customers in productive selling situations.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course the delegates will be able to:

  • Identify their time management problems.
  • Plan their time so they spend more time in productive selling situations
  • Analyse situations that hinder their performance and identify techniques to overcome them
  • Explain the importance of planning , organising and controlling their time to ensure they meet their objectives
  • List suggested solutions to present problems and the skills to analyse potential future problems

Course Content Includes:

  • Pre-work. Preparation of a time log
  • Identifying your time management problems. How much time do you really spend in front of customers?
  • ‘Personal drivers’ and how they influence time management
  • Identifying high payoff activities
  • Setting priorities
  • Taking control of your work area
  • Using work time effectively
  • Assertive behaviour. Saying ‘no’
  • Using technology to manage your time
  • Using lists to organise your time
  • Choosing between important and urgent job tasks
  • Setting goals
  • Time management tips and techniques

How The Course Works

Delegates complete a time log of their activities, for a period of 5 days prior to attending the course.

Over the period of the course, delegates identify their specific time management problems and a range of solutions designed to give them greater control over their time management.

Delegates carry out a number of case studies and exercises, designed to show them what causes problems with time management and to identify those problems they can solve and learn how to deal with them.

Objectives are agreed at the beginning of the course and reviewed at the end, when an action plan is prepared. This encourages the learning is followed up, back in a work situation.

Next Steps

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