Free Sales Training CD


Salespeople – imagine being able to access a top sales training professional via your laptop or desktop computer whenever you like. Think of the impact on your sales results!

Training courses are excellent, but much of what is learned is forgotten soon after the course is over. Sales trainers try to overcome this by giving out course notes and handouts to people who attend their training courses. The problem though, is that reading course notes is nowhere near as stimulating as hearing the training message as it was delivered, by a top sales trainer.

Audiotapes are better, but it is so hard to access the information you want quickly and accurately.

Sales Managers – what a great coaching tool this would be when you are coaching your salespeople in the field.

The sales CD-ROM is brought to you by the Sales Training Consultancy; a company devoted to promoting best practice in selling. The CD will take you through the key selling skills. These include: relationship selling, sales planning, pre-call preparation, structuring the sales process, communication skills, identifying buyer types, presenting solutions, dealing with objections and closing the sale.

A comprehensive sales training programme on CD and it’s fantastic value because we usually charge £40 but are now offering it for free.

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