Here’s A Quick Way To Keep Motivated

When you rise in the morning, do you immediately smile to yourself that this is going to be a great day, and you’re really looking forward to the variety that it will bring?

Or do you dread waking up because today is simply going to be a repeat of yesterday and a pre-cursor to tomorrow?

Motivating yourself is a strange phenomenon.

We are told that we need to be self-motivated in sales and that, in order to keep ourselves on top form, motivation is necessary, in fact, obligatory if we are to be successful.

What actually is motivation?

It can be considered as the drive to perform or the reason we take action.

Whenever you are driven to carry out any action, you need a motive or reason.

Without that reason, you either don’t carry out the action at all, or you do it half-heartedly.

No reason, drive or motive? Then you’re de-motivated.

If there was one quick way to motivate yourself, what would it be?

Here’s my advice.

Whatever you know you need to do, approach it with a specific mindset.

If you say ‘I have to do this’, your motivation will be lessened because you feel obliged or forced to carry it out.

When you feel obliged to do something, you don’t always approach it with an attitude of enthusiasm.

Instead, change that sentence to ‘I choose to do this’ or ‘I want to do this’.

You’ll notice that the action you need to take is exactly the same; it’s just the wording you decide to use that will change your viewpoint of the whole project or job or task.

By deciding that it’s your choice or your desire to carry it out, you approach it from a different viewpoint and with a different mindset.

It kind of fools your brain into thinking you’re not obliged to do it; in other words, it isn’t a ‘must’.

It is, in fact, a choice, and you are the one that gets to choose.

It may seem pedantic and simplistic, but it actually works, because now you have a choice.

Now you want to do it, and you approach it with a new attitude.

Next time you need to motivate yourself, decide to ‘choose’ your response, and see the difference it makes.