How Microlearning Can Help The Modern Day Sales Professional

How do you feel when your manager tells you you’re going on a training course?

For many, it’s an interesting, intriguing and even exciting time for them.

Being away from home for a day or more, staying at a hotel, meeting new people, learning new ideas and, hopefully, being able to apply them when you return.

But for many others, it’s an interference to their routine, the logistics can be difficult, they think they could be spending that time more usefully and, worst of all, they may not learn anything new for their specific role.

So, are there alternatives that will still cater for your growth and development, and create new opportunities for you, specifically for your role?

Well, one of them includes Micro-Learning, or bite-sized learning, if you prefer.

What is it? It’s a brief and specific module of intense learning that can be covered in less than ten minutes.

They are focused on specific learning outcomes, aimed at dealing with precise and detailed needs of the individual.

For example, if you need to brush up on your closing skills, instead of having to sit through two days of training before you get to the area that is most important for you, you can go through specified and explicit learning on this one subject in the shortest time possible, while learning ‘golden nuggets’ that will be relevant and applicable to your own environment.

Micro-Learning can stand alone as complete and concise stand-alone units.

They can be reviewed whenever necessary and don’t need a trainer or coach to deliver them.

It means that you can review a subject before leaving for the office or for that call on a prospect.

They can offer an injection of knowledge before dealing with a particular challenge.

Learners today, particularly those from the millennial generation, want learning to be quick, pertinent and entertaining.

They want it on their smartphone or tablet and they want to access it when they want to, not when a course happens to come around.

It is convenient, it can be carried out off-line and it is easily-applied in the real world.

Bite-sized learning can also be a cheaper and more efficient method of dealing with your learning needs.

It can change your overall approach to learning as well.

For instance, if you find that you learn a great deal in a five or seven-minute session, you will be encouraged to continue in that style and will look forward to your next learning module, rather than thinking of it as a interference to your normal working routine.

There are many micro-learning opportunities out there.