How To Re-Invent Yourself For Sales Success In The Future

At times, we tend to find ourselves in a bit of a hole, created by ourselves, and with no way to climb out.

By this, I mean we work hard, we achieve what we need to and we get average results, enough to keep our manager off our backs and the wolf from the door.

But how many of us would be happy just being ‘average’?

I asked one of our consultants who is a keen football fan ‘who came tenth out of twenty teams in the English premiership last season?’

In other words, who was just average, not good enough to qualify for Europe, but not bad enough to be staying off relegation?

He thought for some time before having a couple of guesses (Leicester? Everton?) and then guessing correctly that it was Newcastle.

What does this prove? That middle performers don’t stand out, even to the most ardent of fans.

By accepting average as acceptable in terms of performance, you allow yourself to accept mediocre as adequate ate and good enough, instead of seeing it as a springboard from which to leap forward.

How can you take yourself to the next level? what can you do to ensure a more successful future and tap into the potential you know you have inside you?

Here are seven tips:

 1) Re-focus

This means to direct ourselves at something different.

Think of refocussing a camera.

If you focus on a nearby object, that is what is clear to you.

If you refocus on a distant object, that now becomes clear and the nearby object becomes blurred.

By refocusing on what is different, you spend time and effort working towards goals that will stretch you and challenge you.

2) Re-engineer

This means to change the design or structure of a system, to match the changing needs of the situation.

By looking at what you are achieving now and redesigning what you are doing so you can achieve something different, you introduce different things into your life and work, hence building a different result from what you were getting before.

3) Re-examine

This means to think carefully about the results you are currently achieving and examining whether this is what you want to get, or whether there are different results that can be obtained by using different methodologies.

4) Re-organise

This entails looking at the organising that has caused you to achieve what you have so far, and determining what changes will help you achieve different results in the future.

5) Re-structure

This has the connotations of converting from one ideology to another.

When we restructure, we rebuild our ideas from one mentality or mindset into another , more specific mindset conducive to achieving the goals and objectives we wish to accomplish.

6) Re-generate

This is where we bring new ideas and concepts into life, where we build on what we have now and reform our skillsets and abilities to generate new attributes and knowledge to take us forward.

7) Re-invent

This is where we get to change something so that it appears to be entirely new, even though we may be using some of the existing ideas to build a platform from which we drive our new ideas forward

Renewing ourselves can take time to embed. Although we can make a decision in a moment, we may have years of embedded programming that has to be replaced, things that we do instinctively and have become habitual.

In order for us to re-invent ourselves to tap into the potential we all know we have available, we have to go through the seven stages above and allow ourselves time to mould our character around what we know we can become.

Yes, it may take time, but it’s really worth the effort when you achieve something you knew was in you all the time.

Happy Selling