The ONLY Reason Your Customers Buy From You

We often ask this question on our workshops, “Why do your customers buy from you?”

We get varied answers.

Sales people say “Because of our quality”

“Because we offer better value”

“Our guarantees and warranties are better than the competition”

“No-one has the product variety we have”

And so on….

These are, of course, valid reasons and may cause buyers to listen to your presentation.

But it’s not the MAIN reason they buy.

The ideas listed above are part of the journey to the final destination but, subliminally, deep down, there is only one reason your customers buy your solution.

It’s because of the promise of a better future with your product or service than without it.

Think about that for a moment.

Anything you have bought for yourself or your family has been because you were either missing something (a car, a washing machine, a phone, a house, etc.) or you wanted something better than you already had (same items apply).

Your customers want the same. Your quality products, variety of choice, better value, etc. will help them achieve that, but the key reason they make the decision to buy is because of the promise of a better future.

Maybe your products increase productivity for them.

Maybe you make their life easier. Maybe you provide opportunities for them that they didn’t have before. Maybe you give them the chance of making more profits.

Whatever you sell, talk to your prospect about what the future will hold for them if they use your products or services.

Discuss how you can help them build more business or have more peace of mind.

Ask what their plans are the next few weeks, months or years.

Build your value as a salesperson to them by emphasising what the results of using your products will be.

Put the emphasis on what they will get from using your services.

Help them see that real value comes from, not a cheaper price, but greater outcomes by utilising your company’s services.

By tapping into the REAL reason buyers buy, you create reasons for them to say yes, and there’s less likelihood of any objections along the way.