The Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Sales People Make

During this session we are going to cover what are, in my opinion, the 10 biggest sales mistakes that you can make.

Are you ready? Ok, let’s go for it. 

1) You are not qualifying your prospects

Some people call them deadwood, some call them names I could not mention but whatever you do you will want to make sure that your prospect needs and actually wants your product.

Otherwise, you will be wasting a lot of your time. 

2) You are not being you

Some salespeople are over the top because they think that is the way that a salesperson should be.

The more natural you can be the better.

This will build up trust between you and your client 

3) You are too busy thinking of what to say that you do not listen to the prospect

All of your time should be focused on the prospect.

You should be asking questions, clarifying points and above all, you should be listening.

Too many salespeople are too busy thinking of what they are going to say next that they miss lots of valuable information that they could use to their advantage when describing the benefits of their products. 

4) You are not building your credibility

You are too focused on your own opinion that you are not using any third party testimonials or references, you are not talking about real life case studies with existing or previous clients, you are not talking about the media coverage you have just received or the award you just won.

You need to be trusted and liked – so position yourself as a company and a person that can be trusted  

5) You are not getting enough of your calls returned

Do you leave a lot of answer-phone messages? Do you find that they are not being returned?

What would your sales figures be like if you got an additional 30% of your calls returned?

Think about the messages that you are leaving and make sure that they compel the prospect to call you back. 

6) You are not improving your own sales skills

When was the last time you listened to a sales tape or attended a sales training course or had 1-2-1 sales coaching?

How are you expected to improve if you don’t? 

7) Not getting in-front of the decision maker

So you’ve just had a great presentation, the prospect says it was awesome and now they say – “My boss is making the decision as to who we select”


Make sure when you can that the person you are meeting is the decision maker right up front.

If they are not present at the first meeting they probably have someone else in mind for the business anyhow. 

8) Not dressing for where you are going, instead you are dressing for where you have been

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is by not taking due care and attention to your appearance.

Think about what type of person would appeal to the prospect.

A more traditional approach or are they hip and trendy?

Dress and act accordingly as people like people who are like themselves. 

9) You are covering exactly what the other salesperson did

You need to be unique in your delivery and the way that you stress the benefits of your products and services.

What will make you different to the other 5 people your prospect has just had in his or her office?

Are you boring your prospect to death. Stand out from the pack 

10) you are not enjoying what you do

If you do not still get that buzz then it is a warning signal to either ship up or shape out.

Make sure you avoid these 10 mistakes and you will close more sales and have a lot more fun too.