What Great Sales Managers Do Daily

Are there common traits that make a great sales manager? Do the best do similar things each day?

It may seem strange that great sales managers follow a trend, but it seems there is a pattern followed by the best.

Here are some we’ve recognised.

See if they ring true to you, and whether they could add to your success.

They Get Up Early

Yeah, seems an easy one to follow, but what makes the difference is what you do with that extra time.

Instead of commuting or catching up on Facebook, great sales managers spend their active time building up a flow for the day.

They plan and strategise. They work on their fitness. They meditate.

In fact, they do all things that make the rest of the day easy.

They Analyse How The Day Should Be Best Spent

When they get to their workplace or working environment, they see what needs to be done and they get it done early.

Mornings tend to be the most creative time of day for most people, so they don’t waste it waiting for things to happen.

They are proactive and work on what they can control now, and leave the stuff out of their control in that position.

They Watch Their Team Closely

Great sales managers have close ties with their teams and don’t need to micromanage.

Instead, they build relationships over a period of time that are nurtured daily.

They seek out opportunities to have quick chats and communications, even if it’s on WhatsApp or text, just to check in.

They Keep Track Of Everything So Nothing Is A Surprise

Your role is to create the environment so your team can be successful.

That means keeping tabs on what the figures are telling you.

If you can nip tendencies in the bud before they become habits showing up in the figures, you are then able to keep things on an even keel and build awareness in the team of what they should be focusing on daily.

Check On Your Competition And Their Impact In The Market Place

Do great sales managers do this daily?

Well, yes, because competitors can launch new ideas daily and you don’t want to miss out on what might be something you could counter, simply because you left it off your list for a week.

Identify Something New That You Have Impacted On During The Day

When you have created a great day to look back on, look at what were the learning points were.

What did you do well that worked? How could you repeat that even better next time? What didn’t work effectively? What would you change tomorrow so that doesn’t happen again?

By learning every day, you build up your strength and eliminate yours and your team’s weaknesses so that you become even more valuable to your career and to your company’s future.

Of course there are many other things that great sales managers do during the day, but these are some things that will keep you top of your game and guaranteeing great results.